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What's going on at home when you're away? Are you wasting costly electricity or natural gas? Do you need to unlock a door to let someone in? Is a major event taking place that you need to be notified of, such as a fire? With home automation systems in Annandale by Alarm Pro America, you can be in control from anywhere, right from your smartphone or computer!

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How nice would it be if your heater and lights turned on when you were 15 minutes away, so you could come home to a safely lit and cozy house? Our home automation systems in Annandale, VA can automatically control your home based on your location or schedule, keeping you comfortable while saving you money every month!

Need to let in the plumber but can't leave your job? A press of a button in our smartphone app can unlock your front door so he can get to work. You'll even be able to monitor his progress with video or image updates, and know everything's locked up when he's done!

It's unlikely a catastrophic event will ever occur at your home, but if it does, response time means everything. With our home automation systems, you can receive real-time notifications of a break-in attempt or fire. Imagine you're at work and your dog is in the house all alone... You receive a notification that a smoke detector is going off in one of your bedrooms! The Annandale fire department is automatically notified and on the way. But since you received immediate notice of the event, you can use those precious minutes before emergency services arrive to contact a neighbor, unlock a door from your phone, and have the family pet out of harm's way before the fire department even arrives! Home automation is about being in complete control over your home and the safety of your loved ones, no matter where you are.

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