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Annual Crime Statistics for Fort Hunt, VA
Crime Index
Murder NA
Rape NA
Robbery NA
Assault NA
Burglary NA
Theft NA
Vehicle Theft NA
Crime values calculated from national rate of 100.
The city of Fort Hunt downtown photo.

When you request a quote for a home security system in Fort Hunt, VA, we'll send one of our home security consultants to perform a free evaluation and system recommendation. Take a look at some of the available features and how they will benefit you:

  • Interactive Security - With our systems you'll be empowered with control over your home no matter where you are - control everything right from your phone or web browser! Have a nagging feeling that you forgot to close the garage door? Pull up our app and check, if it’s open, one button press will have it closed up tight!
  • Video Monitoring - Always know what’s going on at home with our live streaming and recorded video. You can even set alerts to record and email video clips when a certain event happens, like the alarm goes off or your kids arrive home.
  • Energy Management - You don’t want to come home to a freezing house. But at the same time, you’re probably conscious about your energy consumption. What if your home knew when you were 15-minutes away and automatically turned up the thermostat and put on some lights for you? That’s just a sample of what’s possible with our energy management services. There’s no need to choose between saving money and living in comfort when you go with Alarm Pro America in Fort Hunt!
  • Home Automation - Integrate all the major systems of your home and do more than you ever thought possible. Smart Schedules allow you to program events in your home, such as turning lights on at dusk, or adjusting the temperature based on whether someone is home or not. With Geo-Services you can receive a notification when you leave the house without arming the system, or forgetting to lock a door. Real security means never having to guess about the condition of your home, or your loved ones.
Our System Saves the Day!
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Getting started with home automation and home security systems in Fort Hunt, VA

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