Video Monitoring

Key benefits:

  • Watch live video on your smartphone, tablet or computer
  • View recorded clips to catch up on what you missed
  • Schedule recordings when there is motion, a door opens or the alarm goes off
  • Get video alerts instantly sent to you via text or email
  • Stay protected with tamper proof, off site video storage
iPhone Video Monitoring’s Video Monitoring solution lets you see what’s going on at your property, even when you’re not there. Now, you can see who’s pulling in the driveway, get a video alert when someone comes through the front door or just check in to see how your favorite pet is doing.

Live Streaming

Check in whenever you want from your smartphone, tablet or computer to get a live view of what’s going on.

Recorded Video

Capture motion or event-triggered video clips, making it easy to find exactly what you want to watch later.

Video Alerts

Get video clips sent directly to you via text or email when the front door opens, the alarm goes off or there is motion in the basement or anywhere else. video cameras and equipment
HD 720p Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Infrared Night Vision

Additional video cameras may be compatible with including existing analog cameras and DVRs.

  • Dome Camera
  • Fixed Lens
  • Pan/Tilt Lens
  • Outdoor Day/Night View
  • IP Video Server
Added Protection

Video monitoring from Alarm Pro America is an added layer of protection for your home.

We provide free on-site estimates for all new alarm system installations.

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See Your Home From Anywhere with Our Advanced Video Monitoring Systems

Alarm Pro America provides the most advanced integrated video monitoring in the industry. By using the latest video technology in conjunction with your security platform, video monitoring makes knowing what’s going on with your home and family an easy task. With smart devices like phones and tablets making the world available at your fingertips, it only makes sense to have that kind of comfort and security for your home.

Video monitoring solutions from Alarm Pro America lets you see what’s going on at your property, even when you’re not there. Now, you can see who’s pulling in the driveway, get a video alert when someone comes through the front door or just check in to see what the kids are doing. You can watch the live feed from your property right on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

The Ultimate Deterrent

And of course the integrated system isn’t all about comfort and convenience, it’s also key to your family’s safety. With video monitoring from Alarm Pro America, if an alarm does occur you will know exactly what is going on in your home. The captured images can be shared with law enforcement to help apprehend an intruder.

Alarm Pro America video monitoring is the most state-of-the-art system available and contains the most advanced features. You can use your web enabled mobile device to view live streaming video while away from your property and even remotely move the pan/tilt cameras to see different views of a location in your home.

But don’t think you will need to constantly monitor your home’s activity. With a searchable library of recorded video clips, you’ll be able to go back and see exactly what occurred and when. Since video recordings are triggered by events, it’s easy to locate the exact clip you want to watch.

Automatic Video Capture During Alarm Events

Because your video cameras are integrated with the Alarm Pro America security platform, you can use any of the sensors from your entire system to trigger recordings and make sure you capture meaningful events. When something happens, whether your system is armed or disarmed, you can automatically capture a 30 second clip and see what’s going on.

Alarm Pro America video cameras by work around the clock, hand-in-hand with your security system. So in the event of an alarm, the cameras can immediately upload pre-alarm and post-alarm video footage at your home or business. You can also set up text or email alerts with video clip attachments to notify you when your cameras record motion activity, day or night.

And the Alarm Pro America video monitoring system provides an amazing interface. You can see what’s going on both inside and outside your property, all on a single screen without having to toggle through the various cameras in your home. The video is HD quality with great low-light performance making your view crystal clear. The user friendly interface also allows you to simultaneously view multiple locations on the same screen, such as your vacation home and primary residence. And with video monitoring from Alarm Pro America, you can even integrate any existing cameras in your home.

Let our family at Alarm Pro America help protect yours. Alarm Pro America is a dealer for, which has served the needs of over one-million homeowners!

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Seamless Integration

Beyond better security and interactive services, Alarm Pro America also seamlessly integrates and delivers top-quality: